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Were you sad when the Watch With Mothers podcast finished? Do you want to hear more from Swineshead, Napoleon and Mr Nick 'The Music Man' Tann? Do you like potatoes?

Well you're in luck, because here is the Hot Potatoes Spudcast and here is Napoleon to explain...


After months of quiet underground incubation, the most highly-anticipated podcast since they cobbled bits of Dave Gorman’s Absolute Radio show together has erupted triumphantly from its earthly tomb, and is now ready for your ears to greedily devour!

Sir Walter Raleigh – the patron saint of British potatoes and inventor of cigarettes – has informed the eager listeners of Hot Potatoes that the Hot Potatoes podcast are now available on


Speaking from beyond the grave, Sir Walter told Hot Potatoes:

“I’ve been reliably informed by Internet potato insiders that the Hot Potatoes team are currently digging away furiously at a patch of ground in Lincolnshire and, weather-permitting, will shortly unearth the first of what they hope will be a series of enormous mixed-entertainment potato excavations.”

“I can’t eat potaoes because my head was severed from my body on the 29th October, 1618. If I try to eat potatoes, the mashed-up bits fall out of a big hole at the bottom of my neck,” he added, shaking his fists at the cackling ghost of King James I.


Creator's Links

Hot Potatoes : Spudcast one

In this, our first and inaugural podcast, your two potato hosts ruminate upon:

Ways in which the Olympics could be made better and cheaper,the best way to care for rabbits, everything Great Britain’s ever done musically for the entertainment of foreigners and the jive-talking street-language of today’s modern youth.


Hot Potatoes : Spudcast two

Hooray! Exactly one month after the last spudcast hit the Internet, the second one’s arrived … and it’s at least 66% out of date!

That’s right! Your potato hosts are proud to present their up-to-date views on two of the hottest potatoes of the current age: the AV voting system and Easter.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also disagree strongly with one another about fruit.


Hot Potatoes Nights : Spudcast one

Roll up, roll up! It’s Hot Potato Nights! In this, the first episode of our new experimental supplementary podcast, your two potato hosts indulge in a little late-night discussion on such varied topics as being British, buying Africa, science and why this podcast is exactly the same as Baywatch Nights.

It’s Hot Potato Nights. It’s the same as Baywatch Nights. IT’S THE SAME*.



Hot Potatoes Nights : Spudcast two

As excitement fails to mount over the Hot Potato Nights experimental supplementary spudcast, one of the potatoes involved in the project has gone on record to categorically state that Hot Potato Nights is the same as Baywatch Nights. Speaking from inside an oven where he is being roasted alive, the potato said,

“I can categorically state that the new Hot Potatoes supplementary potato is the same as Baywatch Nights.”

However, the other potato that took part in the recent recording of the show was quick to refute his colleague’s claims,

“I was there throughout the recording and can categorically state that the show bears little resemblance to Baywatch Nights. The other potato is a liar.”


and now as an extra treat, the first Hot Potatoes Video Spudcast

*May not be the same