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Fire Training International : Fire Safety Manager

MBedd Fire Training

Over a two year period I created all the software for Fire Training International.

This software consisted of a Fire Safety Management System contained on a USB flash drive, and was designed to take the stress, confusion and cost out of risk assessing your workplace, and is compliant to all requirements under fire legislation.


It had to be easy to use for people with little experience with computers and the self contained USB drive was perfect for mobile risk assessing, as all the entered information is stored on the device.

Included in the package was an application that allowed you to customise over 200 printable signs, including Fire action notices for your workplace and all associated Health and Safety signs and signals. You could print out an in depth 16 page personalised Fire Strategy using all the information gathered from the Fire Safety Manager, a personalised full fire risk assessment split into the 10 main categories, with a 3 colour alert level indicator for each answer, as well as a dynamic Significant Findings list complete with a related solution to each problem.


I made it so only the questions that are relevant to your company will be compiled and printed.

The Fire Safety Manager also comes with a metal protective box to make sure all your information keeps safe and is currently being sold on both the FTI website and Amazon.

You can see it in action by clicking the video below