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PlayUp India

MBedd Play-Up India

PlayUp India wanted a series of quirky mini games that would promote their pioneering mobile interactive technologies and live sports telecasts through their Facebook and website. I created four games for them in total.

The Vary Balls

MBedd Vary Balls 3
MBedd Vary Balls 2
MBedd Vary Balls 1

First I made Angry balls, then its sequel The Vary Balls, which greatly improved the original by adding seven styles of character based balls and a 3D element to the game play. You can play it by clicking here.

MBedd Vary Balls 4
MBedd Vary Balls 5
MBedd Vary Balls 6
MBedd Vary Balls 7
MBedd Vary Balls 8
MBedd Vary Balls 9

The Umpire Strikes Back : Attack of the Streakers

The Umpire Strikes Back was MBedd's first attempt at a scrolling beat 'em up. Several versions were created of this game due to the constant censorship of the streakers by Facebook. You can play it by clicking here

MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 4
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 5
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 6
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 7
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 8

PlayUp Field

MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 1
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 2
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 3
MBedd Umpire Strikes Back 9

The last was called PlayUp field, a simple game where as the fielder, you had to anticipate and catch the struck ball.

You can play it by clicking here.