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Lake District National Park Authority

MBedd Lake District National Park

The Lake District Tourist Board wanted a way of explaining cycling safety to children, after their research stated their site was not being read, I created a cartoon that gave all the facts in a more accessible way. A competition to win a bike based on the cartoon pushed it's success further. I also Illustrated leaflets and displays including a full size Ranger cut out display that held mini booklets for the visitors, as well as an interactive map of the Cross Lakes Shuttle for their website.

After the success of these projects, I was also asked to create a game for them, so I designed a camera simulator arcade game, where you explored the areas surrounding the area, taking shots of the wildlife and scenery, and in doing so, you were awarded information about the locations and other points of interest.

Ranger Clifford's Foto Finder Game

MBedd Foto Finder grab 07
MBedd Foto Finder grab 08

Ranger Clifford's Guide to Off Road Riding

MBedd The Ranger

Interactive Map of the Cross Lakes Shuttle