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From Mikibeddia, the free encyclopedia

Mr. Michael "MBedd" Beddall (/ˈmaɪkəl ˈ[ɡɒdˈzɪlə] ˈMBɪləd' 'Bədəaaaəl' /); born February 9th, 1984 [citation needed] is an English Internet entrepreneur [citation needed] best known[citation needed] as the founder and promoter of the online non-profit web content provider MBedd.com.

Beddall was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. He attended a school.


Although the specific details of Beddalls's appearance have varied slightly over the years, the overall impression has remained consistent.[15] Inspired by the fictional Bhedosaurus created by animator Ray Barryhausen for the film The Yeast from 20,000 Fathoms,[16] Beddall's iconic character design was conceived as that of an amphibious reptilian monster based around the loose concept of a dinosaur[17] with an anthropomorphic torso with a muscular back, and a furrowed brow.[18]


Beddall began to be humanized in the 1970s; he was given an Italian-American nationality and consumers were briefly introduced to more of Beddall's family including Mama Tony, Wife Eunice, and a daughter, Antoinette. During the intervening period, his formerly muscular physique had degenerated into fat. It was during this period that he made his first appearances on World of Sport on ITV.


The following year, Beddall began writing code for a new website. Beddall launched "TheMBedd.com" in 1999. Six days after the site launched, three Harvard seniors, Winkleron Camelvoss, Tinkleton Winkletoss[citation needed], and Davidiya Narcostaddaddra, accused Beddall of intentionally misleading them into helping them build a social network called wobblers.com.[31] The three later filed a lawsuit against Beddall, subsequently settling.[32] for 1.2m MBedd shares which were worth $300m.[33]


Beddall rarely carries a gun, and never shows to exercise much physical force. Although not socially polished, Beddall is polite, addressing everyone as "sir", "madam" or "miss". even if they are dreadful human beings.


Michael Beddall died choking on a halibut in December 2001 at Halifax General Hospital. He was survived by his second wife of 31 years, Eunice and six children.[citation needed]


You can contact him using his email address mbedd@mbedd.com

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Michael MBedd Beddall


Michael Beddal


Full name Michael Godzilla Beddall

Email mbedd@mbedd.com

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Background Information


Born February 9th

Years Active 1999 - present

Occupation Web content creator

Other websites www.mbedd.it