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I am happy to say the cartoon promotional video for FYLF Music's 'Summer Rain' has finally been completed.

I made it using Flash, and it tells the love story of two toys and their plight at the hands of their child owner.


You can see stills and project details from this cartoon by clicking here

You can also view it by clicking the play button that appears at the end of the little promo video above.

MBedd Summer Rain Video

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Most of MBedd's fictional staff have got their own Facebook page, and would be delighted for you to add them as a friend.

Deedee, (MBedd's official mascot) is the member who has most embraced social networking, and she regularly updates her feed with pictures and news events relating to her work in the MBedd office.

You can befriend Deedee, Ember, Rinko, Noi and our office toaster Plissken by clicking their names, or click the picture below.

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Summer Rain PV and Mini Adverts